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Dicom and Medical Imaging Mini How-To

1.0 - What is? 2.0 - Available programming libraries 3.0 - Softwares 4.0 - Debugging tools 5.0 - On-line ressources 6.0 - Other Medical Interest Links 7.0 - DCMTK informations

1.0 - What is?

1.1 - DICOM

DICOM stand for Digital Imaging and COmmunication in Medecine.  It's a file format and a communication protocol. A good start point to find information about medical imaging is the David Clunie medical imaging faq. A good web site is, a web site that collect information about ressources on the net for medical imaging.  There are more general site about open source software in medicine at, and, are listings of open source project in medicine.  May be you could find more technical at the ieee engineering in medicine and biology society.  Other keywords that could be searched for is Computer Vision that let you the find projects like VXL or MediGrid. There is new about canadian health technologies at  There is a Montreal based company developping medical imaging software named tomovision that have free software.

1.2 - HL7

1.3 - IHE

2.0 - Available programming libraries

2.1 - Commercial products

2.1.1 - DICOM imaging library very interesting

2.2 - Open Source Software

2.2.1 - DICOM
LibDicom (based on UCDMC99) Offis DCMTK At you could find a DCMTK introduction for dummies.  It doesn't speak about programming, but it's a good crash start for using the toolkit applications. Papyrus, a dicom implementation with his own file format. UCDMC JDCM A perl implementation that support dicom file is available at

3.0 - Softwares

3.1 - Dicom Viewer

OSIRIS - OpenSource machinstosh dicom viewer 3D Slicer, an open-source software for visualization, registration, segmentation, and quantification of medical data. it is based on VTK and TCL/TK.

3.2 - PACS Server

There is a bootable linux cdrom named CDMedic that contain a pacs software, dicom viewer etc.  It is available at

3.3 - Gateway / Broker

3.4 - Structured Report (SR)

3.5 - Others

4.0 - Debugging tools

4.1 - Dicom Tools

One of the most complete tool kit, JDICOM from tiani. Should also take a look at DICOM Scope from offis.

4.2 - Network Tools

tcpdump and his modified version for dicom debugging.

4.3 - File tools


5.0 - On-line ressources

You could start with links in presentation section #1.0.  They are good starting places.

5.1 Dicom General Informations and Links

Best place to look for is and check out the Medical Imaging FAQ. It can also be found on in case the Davie Clunie site have problems. Another place of interest is that maintain a lisk of links on the best open source imaging software available around. and

5.1 - Samples image file

Sébastien Barré have a good sample of dicom image on his website.

6.0 - Other medical interest links

6.1 - HL7 (Healt Level 7)

6.2 - RIS / HIS

Care 2 X an electronic medical record system  (with a radiological module)

6.3 - PACS

6.4 - IHE

6.5 - OID Unique object identifier

There is a list of OID distributed in Canada and there is a search tools to browse this list.

6.6 - Conversion

There is an utility to transform dicom images into vtk image at

7.0 DCMTK Informations

DCMTK is a dicom library for file and network functions. The library, examples files and software could be downloaded at: Information about the DCMDICTPATH environnement var could be found at

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